Remember when you were younger and the zoo was the most exciting place?! Or maybe even the circus for some of us. Either way those are memories we’ve experienced at least five times since elementary school. Now that we’re older, we look forward to even more exciting daring adventures and I think I know a place that will blow your mind.


I introduce to you, Ohana Wildlife Park. Now, this isn’t your ordinary park, it goes beyond normal. Imagine going to a zoo where you don’t just walk around looking at the lions, giraffes, rhinos and etc. Imagine a place where you actually are the one in a cage while the lions are looking at you! Guess what?! You don’t have to imagine it anymore, the Ohana Wildlife Park brings it to life. Yes, I said it! You are literally the one in the cage as the lions are all over you, your cage that is.


Not only do they have lions, they have giraffes, rhinos and more on their list of friends. The least bit boring and it’s guaranteed to be one life changing experience. It’s located in New Zealand so add it to your travel list!