Trust me I know. I hate them too. Stubborn blackheads cause nothing but, oily skin and big pores! I think I have personally been to the drugstore or my local Target stores at least 9 times this month looking for something to solve this problem. Of course as I grew out of my acne stage in high school I noticed that all that popping and squeezing did me no good and did not have mercy on my skin. After looking around the  web, reading almost every beauty magazine and listening to dermatologists I realized that solving my problem maybe easier than expected.

Ladies and Gentlemen, clay masks work!

I know many drugstore brands have been releasing and creating different mud or clay masks. What makes me excited is that it actually works! How the clay mask work is that it cleans out our pores without making them bigger as well as absorb extra sebum that was sitting on our skin.

Keep it simple

Keeping your skincare simple maybe the key to having happier and less irritable skin! Instead of trying 10 different skin care products a week it is better to have the main five items such as your cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum and eye cream and then trying maybe one or two new products a month.

Actually read the back

Many of us fail to actually read the ingredients which maybe hiding more secrets than we think. Looking for key ingredients in our skincare products can save us both time and money. Look for exfoliators such as glycolic acids and salicylic acids to remove oil and dirt. Then look at pore tighteners such as egg essence, snail essence and flaxseed extracts. Silicone dioxide also serves as a great ingredient, which removes the dirt without over drying your oily or dry skin.