Coachella is here and the fashion statements need to be just as big as the line up. Not only is it great to know the 411 on Coachella (if you are going – we are jealous!!) but also with other festivals coming up through the next few months its great to know the new trends of going to festivals. From makeup to fashion there is an entire range of items to look at but we have decided to zone into makeup and hair.

First things first! Makeup! I think makeup really sets you apart from others during festival season. Having the right amount and to the right degree is important especially considering we are working against the sunshine. The top 3 styles that we took note of is:

Makeup easy stamps by Milk Cosmetics

These are perfect for just quick added details to your overall look! They come in stars or butterflies, which are perfect to show off your inner bohemian.

A streak of glitter

There is no better highlighter then glitter itself. By just adding just a streak of glitter under your eyebrows really makes you look Coachella ready.

Gold for our ladies who aren’t into boho

For our ladies who prefer glam to boho how about just adding a dash of gold to your look. Just apply gold eye shadow to your lids or some gold metallic lipstick for a bolder look!

Second to makeup has to be hair! And we are in love with the trends that are coming out this year.

Blue braids

If you don’t own a flower crown no worries! Adding a lock of fake blue hair into your braided hair gives a hidden stylish look!

Jewelry Crowns

There are definitely some great jewelry headpieces making it down the grassy hills of Coachella this year.