Thinking about changing your look? Look no further! Bangs might be the image altering style that you are looking for. Bangs have been considered a statement piece for centuries. Think Cleopatra! Rather than spending thousands on a new wardrobe or dying your hair purple maybe a simple cut could change your style? But hair doesn’t grow back in an instant! We know. Since sadly there is no magical pill for growing back your hair here are three styles that are definitely image changing but, quick and easy to hide just incase you are not a fan of the cut.

Bardot Bangs

Have you heard of Brigitte Bardot? She is a very famous French icon from the 1950s – 1960s and one of things she was known for is her bangs. Rather than cutting it very short as she did having it framed longer towards the bottom of your chin can add some great layers to your hair. This has to be one of the easier styles, which is quick to pull up into a topknot!

For my ladies with curls!

Who said curly bangs are impossible? Curly hair looks extra stylish and even different with some bangs up front! What is also so great about curls is that it is easy to blend. I am personally a fan of the wave of girls going natural. So yes ladies let your curls be free and if you’re looking to spice up your look try some bangs!

Classic side swept

This is something we can always go back to and no matter which generation side swept hair is always there! Even celebrities like Katy Perry are going back to it! We love this style especially with a side part because there is just something very stylish about throwing your hair back and having the locks frame your face.