With the heat and the sweating summer can be a major enemy for our skin (and makeup)! How do we keep the matte concealed finish that was looking great 2 hours ago from turning into a melting pot of eyeshadow and foundation? The answer is to take care of our skin. Although healthy eating and other factors can play a major part in the reason why our skin may or may not always look the best; skincare is also something that we should keep an eye on.

Secret One: Rehydrating your skin while you sleep?

This is something that Korean skincare gurus rave about. A sleeping mask is a mask that digs deep into your skin and replenishes lost moisture. Check out Dr. Jart Water Fuse Water- Max Sleeping Mask 48$ or Mizon Special Solution Good Night Sleeping Mask 13$.

Secret Two: Vitamin C for the win!

A few drops of vitamin c go a long way in our skincare. Using it as a serum before your moisturizer can help alter sun damage and reveal a more vibrant skin. Check out Ole Henriksen Truth Serum 48$.

Secret Three: Using a Cleansing brush

Upgrading the way you wash your face can be a more thorough way to remove dirt and oils from the day. Try out Clarisonic Mia brush 100 – 200$.

Secret Four: Water based moisturizers

The heat or humidity that summer brings often causes breakouts and clogged pores which is why using a water based moisturizer maybe the amount of hydration you need without the danger of extra oil. Check out Dr. Jart Water Drop moisturizer 36$.

Secret Five: Oil fighting cleansers

Alongside our love for oil free moisturizers oil free cleansers are just as amazing. Reducing your chances of excess oil is always great! Check out Ole Henrikesen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser 25$ or Philosophy Purity Cleanser 24$.