With Coachella right around the corner and Lady Gaga’s performance to attend what are some great accessories to keep an eye out for. And did we mention Coachella? Yes whether you just spent some bucks on a concert or just looking to keep your wallet snug until the summer there are some great accessories out there that look chic and good for your wallet.

Screaming major Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe Menjuri accessories look like they are worth thousands but they keep it under 300$ which is amazing! We love the unique but classic styles. A simple classic pair of gold earrings or a sliver chain necklace is a must have when building up your accessories collection.

What we love about Baublebar is their great prices and very edgy but classic jewelry. I mean not many can claim that they serve up prices as low as 30 dollars! From sliver to lot of stylish gold pieces that will look perfect with your hair up or down! But we also love the hoop drop earrings and the ear jacket earrings, which are both only 32$.

With summer only a corner away shopping for some beach ready accessories is also a must. And although fast fashion stores offer great deals it’s not so great when your skin is turning green and the colors are turn for gold to copper. That’s where brands such as Cloverpost come into play with gorgeous anklets and necklaces that are screaming “on” trend!

I think we can all agree that chokers are in. That dynamic 90s trend has been topping the charts for a few years and we can’t complain. A simple choker layered with an additional necklace makes your outfit look ten times more stylish! Luv Aj offers some gorgeous options; our favorite has to be the diamond choker.