Most of my purses I have are some type of designer bag. I love purses and think that they are the best accessory. But sometimes they can be pricey. Designer bags tend to run about $200 or more. Depending on the designer that can be half the price of the wallet. That is not the price that some people are willing to pay to have a cute bag. So where can you get a cute bag for a little amount of money?

Since I consider myself to be a purse addict I think all purses are valuable even if they are $10. There are many places to get a cute purse and save money. One of my favorite places to look for a good bag is Forever 21. This store has plenty of purses to choose from and they are never that much.

Forever 21 also has a good selection of wallets to put in your bag. What I like about their bags is that they come in a variety of sizes. You can get a really large one or a really small one. You have plenty of options and they also have a lot of cute designs. The only downside to Forever 21 is depending on which one you go to they will have different stuff. You might what to try online to gee their full collection.

Ross is fabulous and they always have a good selection of purses. They have a lot of small designers and some big ones too, but they have bags that can be $200 that are $100. But just know that Ross doesn’t have an online store. If you see a bag you love get it! It probably won’t be there later.

Have you ever tried Amazon for purses? They have a ton of them and if you want reviews, they have them too. With Amazon, you can type in exactly what you want and get in in two days if it’s Prime. They also have a lot of stock, so you can ponder whether or not you want that faux leather red hobo bag. But aware of things that are not Prime because they can take longer to get. Make sure the seller is reputable. But the reviews will let you know the real deal.

These are a few places where you can get bags. Do you have any favorites? Comment below!