A spring or summer wedding can be both very exciting and even nerve wrecking to attend. Whether its your great aunt or your best girl friend that is getting married there are definite dos and don’ts that must be followed!

From the Invitation

The invite usually arrives a couple months before the big day! When the invitation envelope is finally in your hands you have two things that you must complete! The first thing is to let the married couple to be know whether or not you will be attending the wedding. And if you are not able to attend it is important to give proper notification time. Secondly, Do not just assume that you a plus one is automatically included it is always courteous to ask before hand!

What do I wear?

Make sure you never fail to ignore the basic faux pas rules of every wedding. Ladies and gentlemen also do not wear jeans, T-shirts or flip-flops!

No one likes a copycat! It is very important that we stay away from the all white dress code. I know it may seem taboo but trust us it has happened! If you find yourself conflicted between basic colors go with a light grey or if you feel spontaneous nothing says congratulations like a very chic spring dress!

Shoes are also important details! Being formal is important in these situations so flip flops are going to have to wait for another occasion. Instead if you aren’t in the mood for heels try out some cute flats! Great colors are simple black, grey and (yes!) these can be white. Remember to keep the balance in your outfit by keeping patterns alongside basics!

The gift?

If you are not able to attend the wedding you will be committing MAJOR faux pas if you do not at least send a gift or congratulatory card! Also if you are attending please make sure to not bring the wedding gift with you but the gift should be sent to the wedding registry.