Highlighting is on trend for sure! Looking at celebrities and local beauty gurus it seems that we can’t escape this new hot concept.Whether your look is edgy or more natural having a touch of glow somewhere on your face whether it is your brow bones, Cupid’s bow or cheeks can bring your makeup to the next level. We have been in love with Cover Fx’s new product, which comes in three shades prefect for any mood.

Cover Fx’s Custom Enhancing Drops are super illuminating and very concentrated which makes so amazing! The three colors include Halo, illuminating and dimensional metallic, Blossom, a pearly pink and Rose Gold which a warm pink brown. We love how these three colors can fit every mood and go from being super bold to girly then natural.


Would you consider your style bolder? Maybe not Lady Gaga circa 2008 but definitely a fan of using bright colors or patterns. Depending on how you choose to balance your make up using a touch of Halo on your cheeks and temples can bring in a whole new dimension to your look!

Or are you more of natural minimalistic? Not too many bold colors but, for sure love your black and white? Try out Blossom on your cupid’s bow and a bit on the tip of your nose to look naturally glowing.

Would you say that you love a bronzed look? Try out Rose Gold to bring out your inner sun goddess especially perfect for the upcoming warmer months. The warm gold in this color looks great in the natural sunlight and will have heads turning for sure. Try a bit on your cheeks and brow bone or play around with the color where you see fit!

Although these colors are around 40$ a bottle they will definitely last you months and will be a hot new item for the summer.