If you ask me if there are two things I dread to do in this world I would answer that one is getting up before 10 am and the other is taking off my eye make up at night.  There is something about knowing how  annoying it is to rub some type of oil or makeup wipe to rub off 12 hours of mascara and eyeliner. I personally stick to waiting till 11pm and then rolling off my bed to just shower it out but some days I am actually proactive and cleanse my face as soon as I get home.

Recently, I have been trying my best to grow out my lashes and compete with the pro-lash extension crowd but of course to do so I must be absolutely gentle to my already stressed and angry lashes.

After digging around and testing out a couple of products I realized that there maybe some products out there in the make universe that is willing to listen to my cries.

Yes it exists makeup removers not for foundation but for the dried and thickened mascara clumps on your lashes!


First I introduce to you good ole Clinique who usually never fails me! And of course this product came through and rinsed off my Lancôme mascara without any problems! With soothing botanicals infused in the cleanser this makes a great go-to.


Glossier has been my favorite for a while since I’ve visited their store in New York. This true to it’s name milk jelly consistency makes it easy on this eyes (pun intended).


This one is a drugstore classic; I think I remember using this as a 13 year old who was still experimenting with makeup. This Neutrogena cleanser does a great job of lathering nicely without stripping moisture.