The boho apartments

The Boho Apartments

I’ve always been a big fan of a boho style. I simply love the energy and the relaxing vibe it has. The boho apartments always look so artistic and full of creative atmosphere. I always imagine a painter or a musician living in one of those dark deep colored houses. When I went to Morocco and saw the lamps they make I had to buy one right away, and it is hanging now in the hallway guiding us to the light.

So, if you’re obsessed with it as I am, this time I made a little guide of things you need to get a boho inspired apartment.


As I mentioned before, the Moroccan or Turkish lamps are a big part of the boho interior. When they light up, various colors shine through the glass creating a cozy atmosphere, which is the key to master the style.


Carpets also play a big part in decorating a boho apartment. At the moment faux fur carpets are really in, which is great because you can get them basically everywhere and it looks amazing in the house.


Boho is all about the coziness, so having a lot of blankets will serve you in winter and also add a nice touch in the living room and the bedroom.


The last one on my list, but definitely not least is the plant. You can’t have a boho apartment without any greens. Try getting some cactuses if you’re not a big fan of taking care of plants, because they don’t require much care, they also look stylish and serve for cool Instagram pictures.

The boho apartments