Whether you have V-necks, long sleeves or oversized t-shirts locked away in your closet or overflowing in the hamper there is one thing we all have in common, there are endless combinations to rock a t shirt. I have been fan of the tees since well, forever and while looking around Soho, New York during my week away from home I noticed the amazing combinations of how New Yorkers upgraded their average tee.

It started out with a chai latte until I looked up and saw a pair of dark denim with heeled boots and a white V-neck. I instantly was drawn to how chic this woman looked. I realized that there was a simple trick that this woman was pulling!

Tuck it in (but, in a messy way)

Rather than having your shirt completely tucked in (looking super formal) it looks very chic to have it loosely tucked in and this way you get to show off your new belt!

Tie it up front

This look is something girls will fall in love with over the summer and you’ve been probably doing it for years. Simply tying your shirt into a small knot up front can make a boring grey tee into edgy but, classic look for the mall.

Layer it

Whether it is that yellow strapless sundress or a light pink silk camisole throw it over a simple white, grey or black (or go for all colors!) is a great way to go from a boring look to ready to walk the streets with your gals!

Just cut it off

By cutting your loose old college t-shirts in half this creates the perfect (and super comfy) at home or casual attire ready top! We love the look of a loose cut off tee with some light denims or high waisted shorts.