How many of us just highlighted, lowlighted, dyed, or balayaged our hair? The summer months are coming and the sun is not so forgiving. Summer is full of heat filled days and even a lot of swimming. This screams over-drying to our hair. Especially if your hair is already in critical condition due to getting one more bleach job the summer sunshine may end your hair for good.

Just a recap on the basics. Don’t wash the locks everyday, Condition like your life depends on it and add hair heat protectant spray (yes even the kind we use before we blow dry!) before stepping outside. Your hair will thank you for just getting those three steps down!

Now since our hair is dyed that means that our natural pigment is dried out and the hair cuticle is broken. Although there is no restoring broken hair we can definitely at least prevent more damage!

Before taking a dip in the pool try oiling up your hair with some natural oils such as coconut oil. By creating a slippery barrier between your hair and the harsh water this can help protect your colored hair from the elements. And after you get out of the pool do not forget to rinse out your hair and shampoo your locks.

No matter what activities your summer days are filled with ending your hair with some type of moisturizing element. For example, if your washing your tomorrow instead of tonight applying a light leave in moisturizer goes a long way. Some great leave in conditioners include It’s a 10 Leave in conditioner, Sexy Hair Healthy Leave in conditioner and Aussie Hair insurance. And if this is the night that you are washing your hair try out these great deep conditioners that you should apply every week; Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, Aveda Damage Remedy and Redken All Soft Heavy Cream.