Grab your cup of tea and have a seat, lets talk home trends. These are five trends that will have you staring at your wallpaper and questioning whether you need an update!

Raw white

Designers are turning over a new leaf and their muse is handcrafted goods. Think cups, vases or plates and their color are raw white. This white is almost chalky and definitely has an unearthed feel to them! We love this look perfect for your dining table if you would say your home is more earthy and natural than modern chic.

Navy is the new black

Or at least for now. Navy wallpaper is back and they are gorgeous. This color is great for the living room and bedrooms even as an accent wall. Also if your house has a lot of white base work or furniture this look might be perfect for you.


Well everything has texture right? Well not exactly. We are thinking pleated velvet, huge stitches and thick yarns. If you have a traditional black leather sofa that you want to update at home, look for a simple throw that has added texture to add a spice into your home décor.


Faux is realistic

Budget friendly and great quality? Count me in! Designers are now using faux materials and they might be better than the traditional! For example instead of using real wood which eventually starts to rot and bow the faux alternative will not do that!

Because Pantone said it is

!2017 is the year of Greenery. This color is a zesty lime green that is full of life and looks very “in” for the warmer months. Maybe you’re not brave enough to paint the whole green? Don’t worry neither am I. If you just want to add a couple accent items try a chair, pillows, drapes or a tablecloth!