So you know that your hair gets thirsty right? Yep, it does and you are probably depriving it of what it needs to thrive. Other than washing your hair you need to take care of it on non-wash days. A lot of times we don’t understand why our hair breaks, it’s actually for several reasons.

You either are wearing your hair down too much. In doing this, you are likely breaking it off with purses, bookbags, etc. The best way to prevent this is to wear your hair up. But you likely noticed that your hair is still breaking. If it is then another possible problem is that you pull at your hair.

Hair pulling is a horrible habit. When you’re stressed it’s hard to break. No pun intended. But if that not the reason, then it’s as I said before. Your hair is thirsty and getting thirster as you read this.

Your hair needs moisture and by moisture, I mean oil not water. Water will not quench this thirst. Here’s the thing, when your hair is dry it breaks. A lot of times we don’t moisturize our hair enough to prevent this from happening.

Not all oils work perfectly, but there are oils that are better than others. As you go through them you will find one you like. My favorite is argon oil and my other favorite is grapeseed oil. I actually recommend these above all else.

Make sure you oil your hair at least three times a week. Most importantly, make sure you put oil on the ends of your hair, this is the place that needs it the most. Save your hair from dying of thirst. Give it oil.