Redecorating can be a pain in the butt when you don’t know which stores to go to. There are hundreds of stores, but we selected a few that have the best styles for your room. Are you ready for a list of awesomeness? Here we go!


You can’t redecorate with coming into this store. They have a good selection of lamps for your room. There is also a good selection of chairs, rugs, and throw blankets. You want baskets, they have plenty. This store is hard to get out of, so if you need kitchen stuff, they have that too, but remember what you came in there for.

2.Pier One

So if you want style, come in here. Pillows, chairs, and other goodies galore. Pier One also has a lot of displays that can help get your creative juices flowing. You’ll probably buy the display, or borrow the idea. They don’t care. If you can’t find it in the store, they have it online, they advertise that.

3. At Home

You can’t be at home without At Home. They are a large store with tons of stuff. If you need new paintings or pictures on your wall, they have a large selection. The pictures come in all sizes and are at a reasonable price. This store is also a great place to find cute knickknacks to place on your dressers or bookshelves. You might want to get some vases, they have nice vases.

This is our list? Are there any stores you would add? Comment below!