Whether you’re looking to clear up some acne or heal some wounds this maybe oil you have used before!

So what is Tea Tree oil? Tea tree oil is also known as melaleuca, which is a powerful antiseptic. Tea tree oil or TTO is an essential oil derived mostly from the Australian native plant melaleuca alternifolia. This is oil that has been used especially in Australia for at least the past century. Because this oil has been documented and researched as an oil that kills many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi that this has been used in several different products, such as cleaning supplies or cosmetic supplies.

Now what are the benefits of using TTO? Traditional uses of tea tree oil include clearing up acne, bacterial infections, chickenpox, cold sores, earaches, head lice, bug bites, psoriasis and many more.

With such amazing healing prosperities the uses of TTO seems endless. Generally used for acne TTO is considered an effective remedy. By mixing a few drops of tea tree oil and honey or egg this oil can become a gentle DIY face wash.

Another popular use is in our hair. Especially if you suffer from dry flaky skin or even caught lice this oil can soothe irritated skin and get rid of any inflammation. Check out this recipe from One Green Planet below for a very popular hair rinse that will have your scalp tingling in an amazing way!


ï 1/8 cup coconut milk

ï 2/3 cup baking soda

ï 1/2  teaspoon of Vitamin E oil

ï 20 drops of tea tree oil

ï 1/2 tsp olive oil

ï 1/4 cup filtered water


1. Combine all ingredients in a jar.

2. Shake well to mix.

3. This blend will last in-shower for up to a month.

4. Shake before each use.

5. Use about a teaspoon every time you shampoo.