We have all probably heard about collagen. Right? Looking back in high school I can recall assuming that collagen was an anti-aging skincare product. Especially when looking through my mother’s beauty drawer seeing the different bottles reading collagen inducing or collagen boosting.

So what is it?

Collagen is a structural protein network that is almost like a second layer of skin. This layer helps and provide cushion for our skin’s movements. Another fun fact is that there is more than one type of collagen. Type I – III to be exact but, Type I is the most common and makes up 90% of the body’s supply.

Do we lose it or keep it?

Sadly, yes we do lose it over time. Collagen production starts dying out during our mid-to-late 20s and early 30s. Not only does production start dwindling but then loose 1% of our collagen per year. Scary, we know!  The same tips you have probably seen on every beauty site still apply, smoking can hurt your skin and SPF should be your best friend.

What else can be done? Drinking it?

Supplements and drinks with collagen in it may not always be best. When we consume one or the other our stomach breaks down the molecules down into amino acids and they don’t reassemble when it reaches our skin. However, the amino acids that are in these supplements and drinks can support healthy cell function.

Good News! There is a way out!

One of the best ways to regrow and enhance your collagen is retinol, which is typically prescription strength. Finding OTC retinol can be difficult in the beginning but there is a couple available in your local Target or CVS. However, if you find yourself still second-guessing and unsure which to buy asking your dermatologist of course can help you find the way. Also vitamin C or glycolic acid can help promote growth and have an overall healthy skin!