Welcome to the 21-century age of Instagram and flat lays. This constant need and want to create the perfect layout at home or at work gave birth to how great the art of display can be. To do the perfect on desk display takes a bit of effort in collecting some random items such as a candle, book, vase with flowers and maybe a jewelry tray can pull in a perfect look that looks both homey but, chic!

Now first things first clear off your desk. Yes that includes your endless crumpled to-do lists, random paper clips and pens you received but never returned!

As you look at your blank desk think of it as a canvas and how you wish to illustrate this desk alongside the rest of that room. For example, if your room is more edgy maybe rather than a pot with flower you may want an all black jewelry box as the centerpiece.

If you rather take the more simple approach, which is what I tend to do; I recommend using about five different items or more!

In this moment it is also great to think what you use this desk for. If this desk is more of a decoration rather than a study area then carry on, but if it isn’t whether you are right handed or left handed can come in play as to which area you wish to leave open for working.

Looking at your desk from the left to the right. On the very left end I would add a picture framed in a black or white frame. This picture could be artwork, a drawing or a Polaroid collage, which is what I do. Then in front of the picture you can begin the layout for the left side of the desk. The next four items include a vase, marble slab or large jewelry tray, magazines or books, perfume bottles and jars filled with makeup brushes!