I think I can speak for most people when I say, “Who doesn’t love affordable Burberry, Nike, Gucci, H&M products? I love a good sale but what I love even more is a good app with the best deals.

Shopping in-store isn’t really the go-to for our newest generation although for some it’s still a good option. For me, I’d rather go online or use an app. What if I told you that I found the world’s best e-commerce company with some of the best deals around?

It’s called, Mercari and it has become my favorite way to shop! From electronics to vintage jewelry, home decors, and more. Everything! You name it, they’ve got it. No matter if it’s in different colors, size, or even different languages if you need it it’s all at affordable prices and with quick of shipping.

I needed a pink dress and shoes for my 22nd birthday last year and couldn’t find any dress to my liking and then I checked Mercari. I found the perfect match for me. Can you believe they were both under $30? Yes, I was shook!

That’s not even the best part though. You know those sandals that you purchased two summers ago? The ones that are sitting in your closet collecting dust? Mercari gives you a chance to sell those sandals for whatever price you want! What better way to find affordable brands for yourself at prices you love than with this app? You’d rather spend a leg and an arm or just a few bucks? Oh yeah, did I tell you that you get $5 off your first purchase after signing up? It’s the best, go join!