Jeans and t-shirts were what I wore for middle school, high school and most of college. It wasn’t because it was the only thing I wanted to wear, but it was comfortable to wear. I always had a problem people making it seem that wearing jeans and t-shirts all the time was a problem.

Well, I could actually wear half the stuff you see in the store, but it can’t be worn all day. It’s good to look cute in for a few hours. Jeans and t-shirts are safe. There is no reason to try to figure out how to bend down in a short dress.

I think that it is possible to have your own style with just simple clothing. Your style is your style. You shouldn’t try to fit into the box of what other people think you should be. I do love dresses though and have plenty of them.

But dresses are not always comfortable and sometimes you have to do a lot just to be able to wear a dress. Clothes should be simple and should make you feel great.

I personally believe that if you can be comfortable and cute if you have the confidence in what you’re wearing. If sweatpants and highs are your thing, you should work it. Forget the uncomfortable and try to work the comfort.