We have finally made it through half of 2017 and trends are coming and going! Nothing is worse than being the last one to find out what’s in and what’s not so check out the 5 trends to toss for 2017.

Glitter Roots

So we know of the unicorn and glitter trend that was sweeping the nation from Starbucks to Coachella fashion but, here is one place that glitter should not stay. Not only is glittering the roots of your hair a pain to get out but, mixed with rave buns is a style long gone!


Shocking we know! With 2016 being the peak year of contouring 2017 is where this trend will begin to mellow down. Instead of contouring opt-in for non-touring which is the perfect mixture of looking very natural and glam!

Instagram Brows

Alongside contouring, the super arched Instagram eyebrow has been a trend of 2016. Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic explains that “Instagram brows are so masculine.” Instead of the arched brow try out the more natural full brow! Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Zendaya are seen sporting this very IN look!

Believe it or not chokers!

Chokers have been in the spotlight since 2015 and seem to have died down with other options such as thinner chains or body chains. The 90s chokers trends although very cute seem to have transitioned into something new for 2017.

Lace-up tops

Now that we are entering July and soon August these lace-up tops that were once so trendy seems to be a dangerous threat to matching with every girl we see when we go out. Although this trend was great in giving a sexy edgy look to many styles it’s time to leave this in 2016.