I love Uggs with all my heart, but are they really a year-round shoe? If you keep up with the Ugg brand you know they make more than boots, but you don’t see many people with their other shoes. It’s not like Uggs aren’t cute because they are.

They are the most comfortable shoe in the world. They’re soft on the inside and keep your feet warm. But here’s the thing. They look like a winter shoe. Uggs don’t go with any outfit that doesn’t include a sweater and a scarf.

Uggs are made for snow and days that are below freezing. They are not a year-round shoe. For starters, they would be a pain to wear in the summer. It would be way too hot. I’ve seen uggs worn with shorts, but it felt as though they were just the first shoe the person could find to put on.

I haven’t seen anyone wear Uggs successfully in the summer or spring. It should be a rule to not wear Uggs after March. This rule would be just like not white after Labor Day. Uggs should be worn as soon as the weather hits fifty degrees in October. Until that time keep the Uggs in the closet.