We’ve all done the spontaneous chop of our long hair. Whether it was for healthier ends or just a new look for summer cutting your hair can be quite a decision. While some of us might love having shorter hair there might be a few of us (me including) that miss having longer hair. Now growing your hair overnight is of course close to impossible but, there are a few ways on speeding up the process. Check out some amazing ideas below!

It all starts at the roots!

As we know, our hair grows from our scalp; so what that means is having a healthy scalp is super important. From shampoos to scalp treatments there are many ways on how to keep our hair healthier from root to tip. Another way to show some love to our scalp is giving yourself a at-home scalp massage. Stimulating blow flow to your scalp helps nutrients get to your hair quickly!

Vitamins can help.

Taking a few vitamins from time to time can also add a extra love and care to our hair follicles. A blend go antioxidants and vitamin B derivatives can help fortify our strands. Other vitamins such as the infamous biotin or Viviscal can also speed things up.


With it being summer and having to constantly battle the heat or sweat over-shampooing our hair may have occurred a time or two. Because shampooing takes off all the grime and dirt it also strip strands of its natural oils and nutrients. Therefore, opting for a dry shampoo from time to time or using a super moisturizing deep conditioner may help your hair stay hydrated.

All about that cold water.

Here is a tip. Before you step out of the shower give your mane a douse of cold water. Cold water helps seal cuticles and prevent moisture loss. Also resisting from using hot water when washing your hair may save it from dry strands.