Many women carry a purse. It can be small, large, designer or vintage, but you will see women with their bags in their hands. A purse is essential not just for fashion, but for holding everything that won’t fit into women’s tiny pockets. They are a lot of things to store in your purse, but there are a few items that seriously need to be in there other than your phone and your wallet.

This is what you need in your purse!

1.Pads & Tampons

There is nothing like going out somewhere and your period starts and you have nothing. Toilet paper isn’t always super absorbent. Keep your own stuff in your bag so you can save the embarrassment of having to ask someone else.

2.  Flashlight

Your phone flashlight is basic. In case you end up in the dark, you need to be able to see. Keep yourself safe. You need to have a mini one because it would be a pain to have to pull out a large one every single time.

3. Soap

Just in case the restroom you’re in doesn’t have soap, make sure you have your own. Not washing your hands is gross. Actually, a bathroom not having soap is just as gross.

4. Hand Sanitizer and Lotion

If you don’t have access to water make sure that you keep hand sanitizer. This will hold you until you can wash your hands.  The lotion is to keep your hands moisturized when you need it. You can get some that smell really good at Bath & Body Works. If you don’t want scented hand sanitizer you can get some at any store. Actually, you can do that for the lotion too.

5. Floss

Food gets in your teeth and you can’t always get it out with your tongue. Put some floss in your bag to get yucky stuff out of your teeth. Make sure you use it in the bathroom. No one wants to see you floss.

6. Deordant

If you ever need to refresh and you don’t have time to go home this helps. You can buy a trial size and it fits perfectly in your purse.

7. Earrings

Just in case you have to go from bum to glam have a pair of earrings in your purse. These can be simple hoops. This will help when your friends call you last minute and you’re out and you can’t go home.

8. Perfume

If you need you to need to smell good fast, keep a sample size of your fav perfume. You can have a roll-on or a smaller bottle. Make sure it is sealed, perfume can be messy.

This is my list of things I think every girl should keep in her purse. Is there anything you keep in your purse that you might this is helpful? Comment below.