So how bad are your allergies? Puffy eyes and a runny nose is no fun especially when you have things to get done. Although spring is filled with beautiful season change and warmer temperatures; pollen is now going to begin spreading and affecting our allergies. Generally speaking allergies come in many forms from the mild cases to severe. When you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction please make sure to go to your doctor then dermatologist because make up could end up irritating your skin rather then helping it.

Okay so let’s jump right into it. Puffy eyes? We have a trick you can try. But first when you cleanse your skin it’s vital to do it gently. This means stepping away from harmful ingredients such as salicylic acid, which is in many acne-geared cleansers. Instead try products from brands such as Aveeno or Simple. Next applying concealer and a bit of concealer goes a long way trust me! I recommend once again beauty products that actually use ingredients that wont dry out or irritate the skin. Try Jessica Alba’s prized beauty collection Honest beauty and other brands like Simple or Burts bees.

We know we know. Once the allegories start kicking it shows all over your face. Taking important steps such as diet and medicine will cure that up as well. Try staying away from mucus causing foods such as super cold juice or dairy.

If you are experiencing a lot of redness on your face masking it with a little metallic glow or glittery shimmer gives you a great look. Since highlighters are in this will look like a sparkly blush you never had! All in all it is so so important to keep in mind what products you are going towards. Not everything will work magic on your skin so read the ingredient labels, eat right and visit your doctor about some allergy medication!