Who else is ready for a spring break getaway? If you’re anything like me flying somewhere warm and beautiful is calling my name! But no matter your destination one thing is for sure, packing is both seemingly overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

But it’s going to be okay, we promise. Take a deep breath and look straight into that empty suitcase!

The key is to not over pack or under pack!

It’s definitely important to know your location and have at least some idea of your itinerary! Nothing is worse then forgetting to bring a bikini when you had a great pool in your hotel or leaving your Nike sneakers when the greatest lookout is 5 miles away!

Check out these must haves when it comes to your perfect spring break getaway!

Aside from the necessities such as a passport or ticket other great add on would be a camera!

Sure, your phone camera would work just as great but Polaroid cameras and even a sturdy DSLR camera is great for the times you want a high quality image. And also it takes different perspective images of those great memories with family and/ or friends!

Face-masks and hair masks are a MUST and if you are up to it, a whole bottle would be great! But I am sure some of us are already near the 25 lb. marker in which case the small packets are perfect! On the plane a face-mask is a great buffer between the dry elevated air and your skin. And for one of the nights when you’ve reached your hotel room, a hair mask containing oils such as macadamia or argan oils add the perfect touch of rejuvenation to your beauty regimen.

If your spring break destination is somewhere warm and tropical don’t forget the essential cute bikinis, sun tan lotion, colorful cover-ups, a wide brim hat and some chic sunnies! And if you are going to neutral territory or maybe somewhere colder don’t forget cozy outfits from sweaters to thick leggings, beauty goods to keep hydration in both hair and skin and boots you can climb mountains in!

Happy travels!