Coconut water has been seen all throughout the internet from cute Pinterest recipes to celebrities who drink them for a extra boost in their day. So the question is whether or not coconut water is actually worth all the hype.

Here’s the truth on coconut water!

Nutrition wise coconut water is actually pretty good for you! While being very low calories and fat/ cholesterol free it contains more potassium than four bananas. Therefore since coconut water is so hydrating many athletes do tend to gear towards this beverage. With the promise of hydrating the body it also helps relieve hangovers as well as keeping cancer and kidney stones away! If these amazing nutrients aren’t reason enough it is also considered better than other sporty or other commercial drinks that contain many grams of sugar.

Now some of us may want to try this delicious drink but, would prefer not paying for bottles at a time.Check out this recipe below to see how to create this healthy drink from the comfort of your home.

What you would need includes:

Choose a firm coconut


Which coconut should i use?

if you want meat and milk along with your water, go with a mature coconut sporting a fibrous outer dark-brown husk; if you want to maximize your water, go with a young green coconut that might be green or white

How to make (method):

Rinse the coconut well. Have a glass ready. Locate the eyes and carefully tap the pointy end of the allen wrench into each eye, poking through at least two (I do all three). You’ll have to hammer harder than you think, but then all of a sudden the wrench will slip through. If you’re using something without a bend — the bend of the wrench prevents it from falling into the coconut — be especially vigilant when hammering. You might want to wash the implement well before using in case it does fall in. Upend the coconut over the glass and let the water drain out. If any pieces of husk fall in, fish them out with a spoon. Put on ice and enjoy! Note: if you’re dealing with a green coconut that’s been shaved, you’ll have to cut away the top pointed portion and then puncture the exposed inner shell to let the water leak out. Frankly, it’s easier to punch through the eyes.

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