Black girls can wear red lipstick! There, it is said. No more mysteries about rather or not it’s appropriate. There is no reason why anyone should think that their skin color should determine if you should rock a lipstick. Unless it’s like a neon green; that would look horrible on anyone. The only time you would see a color like that is at a fashion show, but that’s a different story.

Since red is an option there are a range or lipsticks that you available to choose from. The world is your oyster! When you pass by a makeup counter browse the collection and pick the brightest red and try it one.

You might try it and think it looks weird. Seeing yourself in a new color is always an experience. As you stare in the mirror the color may seem a little bold. If you are rocking red for the first time this could be too much for you.

But bold isn’t always the look you want. The first thing to know is that no makeup should be applied as is. There is always something extra that goes into putting on anything.

Here’s how to tone it down!

Get a brown lip liner (this can also be a brown eyeliner.) Apply it over your entire lip (top and bottom) then apply the red lipstick. It would look darker, but you won’t have the bold look as you did before. You can add brown lip gloss to make your lips look red-brown. This will also take away any matte look you don’t want.

If you are not a fan of brown lips, you can add pink lipgloss to have your lips have a hint of red. But if you are willing to try red full on and want shiny lips, apply clear lip gloss to make the red pop or you can add red lipgloss.

Be aware that liquid lipsticks are just as good as the other lipsticks. Just know that they do bleed. Apply lip liner around your lips before you put the color on. This will avoid having lipstick on your chin. Your lips should be moisturized otherwise you will have cracked lips and the color will not go on smooth.

See now you know how to put on red. As easy as counting to three or one.

Don’t be scared of red, it goes with everything. Don’t think you look bad in it because you probably actually don’t, it’s all in your head. Red compliments all skin colors and the best part is that it makes you stand out!