Father’s day is just around the corner and time is running out. If you are anything like me and is currently debating on what to get for Father’s Day this list maybe just the thing you need.

1. 2-Tone Eye Glasses With Prescription Lenses, WARBY PARKER, $95

These glasses are very IN and what better way to read then in style!

2. AUDIBLE, $10

Okay let’s face it the future is upon us and if your dad loves technology and prefers reading on a tablet over printed paper this app maybe the next best thing!

3. QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, BOSE, $350

This might be something dad may love and mom not so much but, if dad loves music or has been complaining about not being able to hear the game this might be perfect for him! These are very comfortable and noise canceling headphones.

4. SPINN Wi-Fi-Enabled Coffee and Espresso Machine, SPINN, $299

This has to be the ultimate coffee machine out on the market currently. Not only will it brew your coffee but, it will grind the beans then create any coffee your father desires!

5. RoadTrip Portable Gas Grill, COLEMAN (Available at Kohl’s), $102

So how much does your dad love grilling? If Sunday BBQ’s are his thing this portable grill is awesome!

6. Travel Essentials, BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA, $30

If your dad is not one to grow out his beard and enjoys the fresh shaven look this fancy shaving kit maybe the best gift he’s ever gotten!

7. Gear VR Headset, SAMSUNG, $99

Here’s another great one for the dad’s who love technology! This gear headset will have him on the couch watching virtual football all day!

8. APPLE Stainless Steel Series 2 Apple Watch With Brown Leather Band, APPLE, $699

Whether he is working out, actually checking the time or texting mom what he wants for dinner this watch can do it all! While the prices seem daunting there are great sales up to 70% off for Father’s Day!

List provided by cosmopolitan.com