I am sure we have all heard of the stories by now that not only our face but our neck too can give away our age. Regardless of the amount of anti-aging face creams you apply to your face if you are neglecting your neck too your face may seem 10 years younger but your neck remains the same age. Many make up artists recommend bringing the cream down from your face to your neck in swift motion morning and night to keep it hydrated and youthful. But are there other ways we can help up keep the mystery that is our age?

Look up sometimes
In a society where the mobile generation has taken a toll we tend to look down and scroll endlessly through Twitter or Instagram rather than looking up. Little did we know that looking down is creating a whole new set of unwanted wrinkles? There are some great neck exercises out there but we would say the easiest way is to look up sometimes!

Many of us only focus SPF containing makeup or moisturizers on our face. However, giving a little love to our necks is just as important. Harmful UV rays cause premature wrinkling and terrible age spots! Try out La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream to keep sunlight from harming your skin.

Wash and exfoliate
Scrubbing your face is great but exfoliating off the dead skin cells off our necks is also a great way to keep the skin looking youthful. Especially if you are a morning shower kind of person ignoring to wash your neck can keep the harmful radicals and micro-pollutants from the day from harming your neck. Washing your neck just as you wash your face day and night is important. Then doing additional exfoliating treatments once or twice a week will help!